~ COVID-19 ~

Due to the pandemic caused by the virus COVID-19, we've adapted our protocols to minimize contact in betwen all participants enroled in our courses, both students and instructors.

Because of that, we'll ask every student to sign a responsability discharge form in wich we would find the next points in relation with COVID-19:

The student declares, on their own knwolege, not to be COVID-19 transmitor.

We provide hydro-alcoholic gel that everyone (students and instructors) should use before beggining every lesson.

While being possible, we'll keep the social distancing mesures, minimum 2 metres distance with any other participant. In the other hand, as kitesurfing is a risky sport, so it may be needed to have phicial contact to avoid dangerous situations.

On every lesson we provide every student with their own kitesurf equipment, to avoid the need of sharing it with anyone else.

On Semiprivate lessons, the students declare to live together, so they are considered as an unit for COVID-19 transmision, sharing the equipment without extra risk.

We strongly recommend you to bring enough water or any other rehydrateting beberage, plus your own sun screen and sun glasses, to avoid the risk associated to sharing them with anyone else.