~ Total ~

With our Total course you will learn to kitesurf in the easiest and most enjoyable way.

In this group course we share one kite for every two students. Step by step you’ll improve everyday until you’re able to stand on the board easily and navigate your first few meters.

Thanks to our personal equipment (helmet, buoyancy vest, harness and wetsuit), kites and boards designed for learning kitesurf and constant attention from our instructors (maximum 4 students per instructor), effortlessly you’ll learn how it feels to navigate on a kitesurf board.

As we depend on the weather, the course is charged daily (70 € / person) at the end of the lesson, so if wind conditions are not suitable for the following days, or if you have personal commitments, then you won’t be charged.

Once you’ve finished the course you’ll have the option to continue learning with us! For any additional day of kitesurfing you’ll receive a 15% discount.

. If you already have some kitesurfing experience we will ensure we place you into a group suitable for your level, so you can carry on learning where you left off.

~Level 1~


We'll review all the concepts we need to take into account to practice kitesurfing safely. You’ll learn how to prepare and handle the kite on land, using a sandy beach. By practicing different exercises with increasing power you’ll learn how to fully control your kite, even with only one hand!

~Level 2~


For this part of the course we’ll put on our wetsuits and get into the water! Using bigger kites we’ll learn how to harness the power of the kite to drag us through the water. By learning the ‘bodydrag’ we’ll learn how to use the kite to take us in different directions.

~Level 3~


On level 3 we learn how to use the board! We learn the movements required to get up on the board and navigate the first few metres downwind – the ‘waterstart’. An awesome feeling...

70 €/day per person

Contact us if you have any questions or you need more detailed information