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    Venta y alquiler de kitesurf Venta y alquiler

~ Rent or buy ~

We have all the equipment you need for kitesurfing: hybrid kites (perfect for learning and improving), boards, helmets, life jackets, wetsuits and harnesses.

We rent the entire equipment or just what you need to complete your own gear (board, kite...), adapting to your needs.

The approximate price is 70 € for the full gear for a kiter for 3 hours, but the final price will depend on the hours you are practicing and the equipment you are renting.

We also have a wide range of kites and tables, brand new or second hand to sell from Airush kitesurf.

Everyone that learned in our school previously, or just finished the basic course with us and are ready, will get a 15% discount on rental of kitesurfing equipment and the purchase of second-hand school equipments.

We want you to come back!!