~ Semiprivate ~

In this course for couples, you will learn kitsurf sharing one equipment and exclusive dedication of one instructor for you two, who will guide you step by step to improve faster, on the safest enviroment. The lesson last for 3h/day.

Thanks to our personal equipment (helmet, buoyancy vest, harness and wetsuit), kites and boards designed for learning to kitesurf, and constant attention from your personal instructor, you’ll learn how it feels to navigate on a kitesurf board.

As we depend on the weather/wind conditions, the course is charged daily (110€/day per person) at the end of the lesson. So if wind conditions are not suitable for the following day, or if you have personal commitments, you can continue whenever it is suitable without any problem.

Course Semiprivate for 2 people: 110 €/day per person.

Contact us if you have any questions or you need more detailed information