~ Private ~

By choosing our individual course you’ll receive completely personalised attention. You'll enjoy a full time personal instructor and full kitesurf equipment (helmet, buoyancy vest, harness, wetsuit, kite and board) so you'll make the most of the your time practicing.

With the individual course the time is focused entirely on you, meaning this option is physically more demanding than the Total course (in groups). Because of this the lessons usually last around 2 hours per day. If you’re the type that likes to make the most of your days however, dont worry…we’ll be on the beach with you until sunset!

If you have little time due to commitments with family or friends, or if you’re missing hours in the day to see and do everything, this course could be a good option for you. You decide the length of the course!

The course is charged per hour and the price is 60€/hour.

Contact us if you have any questions or you need more detailed information